Norwood scale Things To Know Before You Buy

Introduction to the Norwood-Hamilton Scale



Watch the video above of Dr. Huebner as he descibes the function and purpose of the Norwood-Hamilton Hair Loss Scale.



Norwood 1


This is characterized by minimal hair loss along with the frontal hairline, especially in the forehead and on the temple.

A wise selection of the shampoo and conditioner is important and a Hair Transplant Procedure is an option at this point. It’s also advised to discontinue the use of any other hair products such as hair gels, wax, coloring, and so on.



Norwood 2


Stage two is characterized by the hair loss on the frontal line along with the temporal areas take a triangular shape. Deepening of these areas can have a symmetrical or not symmetrical form of triangle. In this stage, deepening or baldness covers an area of not more than 2 cm from the front hairline. However, the hair recession causes less hair in the parietal region. Moreover, there is a clear differentiation between the density of hair on the frontal and on the temporal region.

This condition needs to be monitored and examined by a dermatologist. Do not try to be your own doctor. Shampoos with Minoxidil and Finasteride are highly useful. When selecting medications be sure to choose something FDA approved to limit side effects and protect your health. A Hair Transplant Procedure could also be conducted.



Norwood 3


This is the highest degree of hair loss in the alopecia region. One can observe deep frontal and temporal receding hairline and they are usually symmetrical and sparsely covered with hair. At this stage the deepening of the hair loss covers more than the 2 cm from the hairline. In addition, this is the first stage to show a significant amount of hair loss that obviously needs medical treatment.
Medications or a Hair Transplant Procedure can be options at this stage. Treatments are aimed at stopping continued hair loss and regrowing hair at the same time. The recommended medication combination at this stage is Minoxidil with Retin A which has a synergic effect on the Minoxidil and increases the effectiveness.



Norwood 3 Vertex


At the Norwood 3 Vertex Stage the hair loss pattern is a deepening of the triangular or wedge-shaped pattern in the temporal areas (front corners) as seen in Norwood 2 in addition to the onset of hair loss in the vertex (crown). Often referred to as a “widows peak” the temporal areas (front corners) are barely covered or fully exposed with no hair growth combined with early hair thinning or hair loss in the vertex (crown).



Norwood 4

Stage 4 is due to the fact that the frontal and fronto-temporal hair loss is very severe than in the previous stages. In addition, the parietal or the top most regions of the head show a partial or complete hair loss at this stage. Moreover, the frontal area and the crown show extensive hair loss, but these two areas are usually separated from each other by the hair on both sides of the head.



Norwood 5

Stage 5 is determined by the fact that hair loss have the crown area is separated from it from the fronto-temporal region. However, the hair separation between them is very narrow and the hair is very rare. Meanwhile, the balding process covers a large area, resulting in a horseshoe shape instead of the triangular shape described on above stages.



Norwood 6

Stage 6 is characterized by the hair separation between the crowns, the fronto-temporal region is gone, and there is no separation exists anymore. Therefore, the fronto-temporal region merges with the crown area and shows the largest alopecia region



Norwood 7

Stage 7 is characterized by the most severe form of male pattern baldness. There is a total hair loss on the field, starting from the forehead and ending with the back of the head. Hair remains only on the side surfaces of the head (near the ears) and the lower borders goes near the neck for the occipital region.

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90% of those who finished the analyze stated a degree of pleasure With all the product, most following ninety days that has a majority using the descriptors 'thicker' and 'extra whole'.

The examine was monitored by a accredited dermatologist. Contributors finished a registration questionnaire as well as an educated consent before enrolling within the demo.

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The Principal Investigator, a qualified clinical health care provider, designed the ultimate conclusion for inclusion or exclusion of a subject in to the study depending on evaluation and the topic's health-related heritage, medications, or allergies.

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This led towards the laboratory discovery of DHT receptor blockers. Herbal prescription drugs, that within the turn of the century have been originally used to further improve elderly urine movement, have been now staying checked out for prostatic and hair expansion works by using. There exists a require to incorporate the two the blood movement and DHT blocking qualities in a very therapy which is simple to operate and holistic in nature without prescriptive medication Unintended effects. Procerin suits this Invoice nicely. This examine clearly exhibits Procerin therapy is simple to use and even has beneficial photographic outcomes at ninety days.

Screening All individuals from the demo achieved the Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria mentioned under. These participants have been drawn from unique demographic / psychographic segments depending on the following requirements.

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The Lively product elements illustrated in figure 1 are known DHT inhibitors and therefore are present in the topical Option and nutritional complement. Illustrated in determine two is product ingredient checklist.

All topics were being instructed to utilize the Procerin nutritional dietary supplement pill and topical Resolution in their day-to-day program.

This was found being inconclusive and was discontinued early on as being the accuracy with the hair counts more info are questionable becoming that hairs which fell within the borderline might have fallen inside of or outside of the perimeter on the offered day.

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